YarishnaFitness Long Loop Medium Resistance Band

YarishnaFitness Long Loop Medium Resistance Band

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A variety of exercises can be performed - chin-ups, pull-ups, stretching, resistance training, powerlifting and physical therapy practice/rehab.

Helps target specific muscle groups and enhance strength, endurance, coordination, and flexibility from core, back, and legs to chest, shoulders, biceps, and triceps

No matter what your goal is, we have an option for you!

Suitable for all fitness levels, guaranteed to challenge you

Workouts designed to fit your schedule, as little as 30 minutes needed!


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2. This challenge begins on Monday Oct 19 and you be notified via email with a one-click access link

3. Start your workouts! Once you begin with us, you will not want to stop

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4. Enjoy a different workout every day! With this much variety and community spirit, you will never get bored

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